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09/16/2010 Camp Lejeune: Contamination and Compensation, Looking Back, Moving Forward

Investigations and Oversight Ranking Member Paul Broun (R-GA) greets Major General Eugene G. Payne, Jr.
Investigations and Oversight Ranking Member Broun (far right) greets Mr. Jim Watters (center) and Mr. Peter Devereaux (left)
Investigations and Oversight Ranking Member Paul Broun greets Dr. Richard Clapp and other Panel I witnesses.
Investigations and Oversight Subcommittee Ranking Member Paul Broun (R-GA) gives his opening statement.
Panel I (left to right): Dr. Richard Clapp; Mr. Mike Partain; Mr. Peter Devereaux; Mr. Jim Watters; and Mr. Michael Hargett
Panel II (left to right): Major General Eugene G. Payne, Jr.; Dr. Chris Portier; and Mr. Thompson J. Pamperin
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9/30/2010 Standards for Health IT: Meaningful Use and Beyond
09/29/2010 Averting the Storm: How Investments in Science Will Secure the Competitiveness and Economic Future of the U.S.
09/23/2010 Markup- H.R. 5866, the Nuclear Energy Research and Development Act of 2010; H.R. 6160, the Rare Earths and Critical Materials Revitalization Act of 2010
07/28/2010 Energy and Environment Subcommittee Markup - Nuclear Energy Research and Development Act of 2010
07/22/2010 Full Committee Markup - NASA Authorization Act of 2010
07/21/2010 Behind the Scenes: Science and Education at the Smithsonian Institution
07/20/2010 Building a Science of Economics for the Real World
07/15/2010 Planning for the Future of Cyber Attack Attribution
06/23/2010 Deepwater Drilling Technology, Research, and Development
06/16/2010 Real-Time Forecasting for Renewable Energy Development
06/10/2010 From the Lab Bench to the Marketplace: Improving Technology Transfer
06/09/2010 Deluge of Oil Highlights Research and Technology Needs for Effective Cleanup of Oil Spills
05/27/2010 Interoperability in Public Safety Communications Equipment
05/26/10 Review of the Proposed National Aeronautics and Space Administration Human Spaceflight Plan
05/20/2010 Preventing Harm – Protecting Health: Reforming CDC’s Environmental Public Health Practices
05/19/2010 Charting the Course for American Nuclear Technology: Evaluating the Department of Energy’s Nuclear Energy Research and Development Roadmap
05/05/2010 Mitigating the Impact of Volcanic Ash Clouds on Aviation—What Do We Need to Know?
04/28/2010 Markup of H.R. 5116, America COMPETES reauthorization
04/21/2010 Technology and Innovation Subcommittee – Markup of NIST authorization committee print
04/14/2010 Research and Science Education Subcommittee – Markup
03/25/2010 Energy and Environment Subcommittee – Markup
3/24/2010 Proposed Changes to NASA’s Exploration Program: What’s Known, What’s Not, and What Are The Issues for Congress?
3/24/2010 Supporting Innovation in the 21st Century Economy
3/23/2010 NIST Structure and Authorities, Its Role in Technical Standards, and Federal Coordination on Technical Standards
03/18/2010 Geoengineering III: Domestic and International Research Governance
03/17/2010 The Future of Manufacturing: What is the Role of the Federal Government in Supporting Innovation by U.S. Manufacturers?
03/16/2010 Rare Earth Minerals and 21st Century Industry
03/16/2010 Broadening Participation in STEM
03/10/2010 Fiscal Year 2011 Research and Development Budget Proposals at EPA and NOAA
03/10/2010 The National Science Foundation’s FY 2011 Budget Request
03/04/2010 Reform in K-12 STEM Education
03/03/2010 The Department of Energy Fiscal Year 2011 Research and Development Budget
2/25/2010 NASA’s Fiscal Year 2011 Budget Request and Issues
02/24/2010 How Can NIST Better Serve the Needs of the Biomedical Research Community in the 21st Century?
2/24/2010 The Administration’s FY 2011 Research and Development Budget Proposal
2/23/2010 The State of Research Infrastructure at U.S. Universities
02/04/2010 Strengthening Undergraduate and Graduate STEM Education
02/04/2010 Geoengineering II: The Scientific Basis and Engineering Challenges
2/03/2010 Passenger Screening R&D: Responding to President Obama’s Call to Develop and Deploy the Next Generation of Screening Technologies
2/03/2010 Key Issues and Challenges Facing NASA: Views of the Agency’s Watchdogs
1/27/2010 The Advanced Research Projects Agency – Energy (ARPA-E): Assessing the Agency’s Progress and Promise in Transforming the U.S. Energy Innovation System
1/21/2010 Commerce Department Programs to Support Job Creation and Innovation at Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers
1/20/2010 - America COMPETES: Big Picture Perspectives on the Need for Innovation, Investments in R&D and a Commitment to STEM Education
7/30/08 - Hearing Honoring 50th Anniversary of NASA
5/12/08 Field Hearing in Texarkana, TX - STEM Education Before High School
3/12/08 Hearing - Bill Gates Testifies on Committee's 50th Anniversary
11/15/07 Hearing - Next Generation Border and Maritime Security Technologies: HR 3916
10/31/07 Hearing - Aviation Safety: Can NASA Do More to Protect the Public?
3/21/07 Joint Hearing - Perspectives on Climate Change with Al Gore
3/13/07 Hearing - Science and Technology in a 21st Century Global Economy
3/7/07 Hearing - DOE budget hearing